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2020 Season Commences!


May 1-3, 2020 - Patterson Trail Projectdiablo foothills hike


Sycamore Grove Regional Park in Livermore
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District

Be a part of building 2 miles of new trail in a single weekend! V-O-Cal has done it before (Tina Batt Trail near Martinez), but it has been a while since we took on something quite this big. Help us build a great trail in a new public trail easement above and to the south of Sycamore Grove.  This includes an overlook with a panoramic view of the Livermore and Pleasanton Valleys. Recruit your friends and help us make this an EPIC weekend! Learn more by clicking here.

News & Events

We have some pretty amazing volunteers with mad skills!

At our final project in 2019, Erin Turney (Bearfish Productions) filmed a video of the V-O-Cal experience and graciously made it possible for us to share it with you!

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