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All 2020 Projects Cancelled

COVID-19 Message:

We regret to say that ALL of V-O-Cal's scheduled projects for the year HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. The very nature of our projects mean that we will be among the very last of activities to be allowed to restart, so we will focus on operational shifts to enable a robust 2021 season. We may still be able to schedule small, single day events in the fall that will look very different from our normal activities, and we will work on our options, but all of our normal projects for 2020 have been cancelled.

We all miss our V-O-Cal buddies and the great work that we do, but for now, the best thing for all of us is to stay safe and do what we can to minimize the broader impact of this pandemic.

News & Events

We have some pretty amazing volunteers with mad skills!

First, Anka took some fabulous photos! Take a look here. And at our final project in 2019, Erin Turney (Bearfish Productions) filmed a video of the V-O-Cal experience and graciously made it possible for us to share it with you!

Check this out:











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