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V-O-Cal has many partners, and partnerships take many forms. We work closely with a variety of entities that manage lands for public access, including: federal, state, regional, local park & recreation agencies, and land trusts. The breadth of our partnsships across the region ensures we provide a diverse set of opportunities to our volunteers and that we "spread the wealth", providing the benefit of our high-impact projects to help meet a range of priorities regarding trail and open space improvements.

Our programs are sometimes fairly complex and require multiple delivery partners. For these, we partner with local groups such as Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay and Tri-Valley Conservancy.

To enable the ongoing health of the organization and to broaden our recruitment reach, we also have several funding partners. These are individuals, corporations and foundations that want to improve the environment and help us to build advocates for public spaces.

We are also instituting a new sponsorship/program support model: the Corporate Membership Council. The V-O-Cal CMC will enable large corporations to build a relationship with V-O-Cal that fosters closer ties, engages their employees in environmental work in a meaningful and satisfying way, and provides a platform for creating stewardship advocates and the next generation of environmental leaders. In a win-win-win-win partnership, the V-O-Cal CMC is designed to benefit V-O-Cal programs, local communities, corporate community engagement, and individual employees.