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CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING - We work well together

Team building is an important work activity for many Bay Area businesses, and V-O-Cal offers a program to enable the integration of corporate team-building goals with community involvement and environmental stewardship.

V-O-Cal's approach to projects lends itself very directly to supporting corporate team-building programs. We work in small teams of 6-10 people, each led by a trained crew leader, and the emphasis throughout the project is on communication, cooperation, and fun!

Tangible. All V-O-Cal projects have a very direct, tangible result. This emphasis on tangibility ensures that all project participants gain a real sense of accomplishment. They can see the difference they made!

Durable.In addition to having immediately apparent results, all V-O-Cal projects have a durable component, i.e., our volunteers can return next week or next year and still see the effect of their efforts. And they can bring their friends or family and show them the result of that weekend effort.

Pre-Project Planning. Whether well in advance, the day before or first thing in the morning of a project, our corporate teams start their cooperative effort by deciding what type of trail section is the best fit for their team's skills, fitness levels and constraints. This exercise promotes effective communication, and because it is directly related to the work they will be doing during the day, it also provides a very direct assessment opportunity after the project.

Assessment. While there is ample opportunity to customize the assessment process to meet specific corporate goals, basic assessment for each project includes starting with answering the question: Did we pick the right type of trail section for our team? Answering this question gets to the heart of effective communication and realistic capabilities assessment.

For more information or to sign up to include V-O-Cal in your plans, please contact V-O-Cal at 650-298-9774 or via email at