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We are seeking enthusiastic park lovers to help lead groups of volunteers on V-O-Cal projects. If you enjoy being a volunteer and are interested in leadership, join the Crew Leader Program.

As a crew leader, you'll guide small groups of volunteers on a section of the project to produce high-quality trails for the public to enjoy. You'll receive special training, customized to your level of experience. Crew Leader training topics include leadership, safety, tools, and technical skills, such as trail construction and habitat restoration.

V-O-Cal offers several outdoor leadership training courses. Training is free and the commitment is minimal - complete training and participate in one project weekend. We think you'll have so much fun you'll want to do more!

Although we recommend the full-day training, experienced trail work volunteers can be ready to roll after completing the Crew Leader Orientation. Less experienced volunteers learn their necessary skills in the two half-day sessions: Crew Leader Orientation and Trails 101.

Please join us for V-O-Cal Crew Leader Training and be part of this rewarding and fun program.Building a crew leader training schedule is a somewhat chicken/egg challenge, so we schedule trainings as we identify candidate crew leaders. If you are interested in joining this terrific cadre of super-volunteers, contact us today.

To find out more, email or call V-O-Cal at 650-298-9774.