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Communities grow ever stronger when there are many individuals willing and able to take a leadership role, and V-O-Cal's Leadership Development program expands that leadership base. With a program designed to benefit community, V-O-Cal teaches participants how to lead successful activities and projects, while nurturing the enthusiasm and energy of the skilled and unskilled alike. With outdoor stewardship as the vehicle, this program takes a team and people-centered approach to creating high-quality outcomes on complex projects. Combining fun with accomplishment to leave every participant with a solid understanding of the link between satisfaction and quality, participants leave with the foundation needed to become strong advocates and effective leaders.

Based on the Crew Leader Training, this program incorporates content to help participants apply the same leadership skills on a broader stage. Presented as a series of half-day sessions with a minimum of one classroom session and one field session, the program can be additionally customized to fit your specific needs.

The field portion of the training is designed to give each trainee an opportunity to practice the skills learned in the classroom - and each participant is also eligible to be a crew leader on any V-O-Cal stewardship project, providing many opportunities to hone leadership skills while giving back to the community.

Whether your staff will be supervising volunteers or employees, the V-O-Cal Leadership Development program provides invaluable personal skills development.

To find out more, email Cathy Moyer or call V-O-Cal at 650-298-9774.