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V-O-Cal is making the most of the abundant creativity and energy of students in the many Bay Area colleges and universities.

Developing service learning partnerships and full and part-time internships with San Jose State University, Stanford, UC Berkeley and many other colleges enables us to spread the word about V-O-Cal's outdoor activities and engage a broad range of students in our work. Students in a wide variety of degree and certification programs can get class credit while giving back to their local community.

If you are a student or a teacher and would like to combine fun, food and friends with classroom credit, contact
V-O-Cal today for more information.

"During my internship with V-O-Cal, I learned what makes V-O-Cal unique and why people who volunteer with V-O-Cal keep coming back…because V-O-Cal is AWESOME!! Everyone I met through V-O-Cal was very enthusiastic about his or her experience with this organization. Interning with V-O-Cal will give you the opportunity to learn everything you want to know and more about non-profit organizations, the planning that goes into each hand-selected project, and what it takes to run a highly successful volunteer program leaving each volunteer satisfied and the project completed to the highest standard. Anyone who loves the outdoors and likes a challenge should intern with V-O-Cal. Awesome organization, satisfying work, and wonderful people!"

— Whitney, Graduate of SF State University's Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration program, 2011