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V-O-Cal's 2012 PROJECTS

Date Location Status
April 13-15 Henry Coe State Park - POSTPONEMENT Apr 27-29 Completed!
May 11-13 Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, EBRPD Completed!
June 8-10 Oakland's Big Trees Completed!
Aug 3-5 Golden Gate Park, SF Rec & Park

This Weekend

Sept 7-9 Big Sur

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Whew! Early June was busy!

The Back to the Big Trees project in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland had a tremendous turnout with over 150 volunteers participating in one or both days. We completed the reroute of the Bishop's Walk Trail, including closing and restoring the old route to minimize erosion. The fencing crew at Fern Ravine put in 45 fence posts and associated fence! Wow! The V-O-Cal volunteers got so much done on Saturday, that we not only finished the primary work area, we took on the rehabilitation of an entirely different trail on Sunday. Thanks to the great project team: Morris Older, Woody Collins, Trina Hudson, June Nakatani, Lila Abdul-Rahim, & Joe Lovelace.

Just 3 days after the JMP project, V-O-Cal worked with the EBRPD to host a one-day trail project for almost 300 Clif Bar employees.

Henry Coe State Park - what a great time!

The Henry Coe State Park Project was a great success! Check out the videos taken by our partners at the PRA: VOCAL Going Whole Hog TWD Time Lapse


The V-O-Cal season started off with a bang with our first ever fully volunteer-planned project at Henry W. Coe State Park. A "small army" of VOCal volunteers and support logistics arrived in the beautiful, green Hunting Hollow valley for a trail building project from April 27 to 29. After a rain-cancellation, we were blessed with perfect weather for the early spring weekend. The grasses and trees were vibrant green, fueled by late winter rains. Saturday morning we gnoshed on a tasty breakfast, slathered on the sunscreen, discussed tool safety, and hit the Jim Donnelly trail. By the end of the weekend, we had completed 1500 feet of continuous trail. Our hardy volunteers hiked in 2.5 miles from our campsite, over an elevation gain of 1500 feet. In addition to making great trails, our trail building events are known for their camaraderie, abundant and good food, and focus on safety. This weekend was no exception.

This project was made possible by the ongoing efforts of the Pine Ridge Association and the Monterey District of the California State Parks. We made significant progress on the 3 mile long new alignment of the Jim Donnelly Trail, which is a favorite of the bikers and hikers who frequent Henry Coe. It is the only trail in the area that has been designed to meet State Park standards.

"The trail that you're going to be on today just scratches the surface of Henry W. Coe Park. We'll be coming out with a new edition of the map in a few years and this trail that you'll be building will be on it. Your signature will be on the park and I think that's an incredible opportunity for you guys. You'll be able to share this trail with your friends and family in the future. It's a very special park. We thank you very much for showing up. Your volunteership is important. Bring that back home and get your friends and family involved in the parks in your area. It makes a difference. Thank you." - Paul Nam, President of Pine Ridge Association.

"I just want to welcome you guys and thank you for coming out here. The park would not be in the shape it is in without you guys. We have 2 full time maintenance staff that cover the entire park. So this trail maintenance and all the other volunteer work you do is critical. We really appreciate everything you volunteers do." – Jennifer Naber, State Park Ranger

"State Parks Monterey appreciates all of those who came out for the weekend and the leadership group that put this together. This is the second large trail project that VoCal has done in the Monterey; we hope to continue this pattern in the future." Larry Tierney, Monterey District Facilities Manager

"It was a hard project to start with: a long hike, a long trail, some hard sections. But I really think it was a great project, and it is great that we've made connections with Henry Coe. As usual, our trail family was upbeat and welcoming to newcomers, and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience." Assistant Project Lead, Patrick Beck