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Henry Coe State Park - Completed!

California State Parks, Pine Ridge Association
RAIN DATES: April 27, 28 & 29

henry coe spcamp at coecutting treadMui-AnnCamp

Photos courtesy of crew leader George Rogers

Check out more images at our new Photobucket site:

V-O-Cal at Henry Coe

Project Background
Henry Coe State Park is one of those on the state closure list and it will be through the efforts of organizations like the Pine Ridge Association that it will remain open to the public. Join V-O-Cal in helping to improve the trails in this enormous park.

Trail Description
V-O-Cal volunteers will work on a new section of the Jim Donnelly Trail (JDT), starting from scratch in some areas and completing construction in others. The old JDT was very steep and saw little use while the nearby Lyman Willson trail was overused and eroding. Realigning (moving) the trail enables the creation of a sustainable multiuse trail, providing a new loop alternative to the top of Steer Ridge road and Willson Peak.

Siting a new trailhead near the Hunting Hollow parking lot should increase use on the trail and allow the reassessment & possible realignment of the Steer Ridge Trail (another erosive, unsustainable trail).

The new JDT is to be built to California State Parks multi-use trail standards. Likely users of the trail will be cyclists, day hikers, backpackers and equestrians.

Level of Effort
Hiking: moderate
Manual Labor: mixed

Camping is open to volunteers Friday and Saturday nights. Food is also provided for volunteers from breakfast Saturday through lunch Sunday. While camping is optional and participants are able to participate for one day, this will be a unique opportunity to relax after the work day and camp in a festive atmosphere with other volunteers.
V-O-Cal will be based in the southwestern part of the park, Hunting Hollow. Hunting Hollow is a 3.5 mile canyon, with
an intermittent creek flowing through it.  You will know you are there when you see a large parking lot on the right side of the road.  The kitchen is sited near a majestic, sprawling tree, so watch for that as you approach the area. To reach Center Camp, park in the lot and follow signs on foot.  Shuttles may be available for the short distance to camp.
When you see the tree, the tool truck and kitchen, you will know you have arrived  The trail head for the Jim Donnelly trail starts right at Center Camp.

Carpooling, Public transportation and Parking
We encourage participants to carpool. Transit isn't an option to get to "Coe", so start talking with your friends about carpooling! We have set up a Meetup group to enable carpooling for this project, so if you can provide a ride or if you need one, rsvp at

Driving Directions

NOTE*: Googlemaps and other GPS services can not locate the specific spot where we'll be and may send you to the wrong place. The project location is NOT near the main park offices. We strongly recommend that you go the "old school route" and follow the directions we've provided here. Typing "Hunting Hollow, Gilroy, CA" into does get you in the vicinity, but please review directions for how to get the last few miles from Hunting Hollow.

From US-101
Take the Masten Ave exit off US-Highway 101. From the North, go left on Masten Ave. From the South, go right.
From Masten, Turn RIGHT onto Center Avenue. Make the second LEFT onto Rucker Avenue.
Turn RIGHT onto New Avenue. Turn LEFT onto Roop Road. Bear LEFT to stay on Roop Road. Roop Road becomes Gilroy Hot Springs Road at the turn off to Coyote Lake.  Continue on Gilroy Hot Springs Road.
Pass CalFire station on your right. Hunting Hollow parking lot is a large lot on your right, approximately one half mile past the CalFire station.
If you reach a green trestle bridge, you have gone 1.5 miles too far.
Park in parking lot and walk away from the road to get to Center Camp.

map to center camp at Coe

Preliminary Schedule
5pm - Registration and camping opens
7:30am - Registration, light breakfast, and lunch prep begin.
8am - Morning greeting, announcements, stretching and safety talk. Project begins.
12:30pm - Break for lunch on trail.
3:30pm - Head back to camp.
4pm - Drinks, appetizers and socializing. Showers available.
6:15pm - Dinner and entertainment.
8am - Registration, hot breakfast, and lunch prep.
8:30am - Morning greeting, announcements, stretching and safety talk. Project begins.
11:30am - Break for lunch on trail.
1:30pm - Head back to camp to pack gear and truck.
2pm - Celebrate the work and say goodbyes.

What to bring and wear
For your safety and protection from hazards, please be prepared with the following items:

  • Water, sun hat, and sunscreen. You will NOT be allowed on the trail without a water container.

  • Plates, utensils, coffee mug and a cup.
  • Work Gloves (if you do not have work gloves V-O-Cal can provide a pair to use).
  • Sturdy shoes or boots with tread. Working in sandals or open-toed shoes will not be permitted.
  • Day pack to carry water and lunch.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Insect repellent, allergy medicine, etc.
  • A change of clothes for each work day and for lounging at camp to minimize the spread of poison oak.
  • IF CAMPING: bring a tent, sleeping bag, folding chair, flashlight, and other camping gear. A coffee mug is also necessary. Also bring a change of clothes.
  • Meals
    V-O-Cal provides all meals for volunteers from breakfast Saturday through lunch Sunday. Vegetarian options are available for all meals.

  • Please bring your own reusable plates, coffee mug, cups and utensils. To minimize waste from our projects, we ask that you bring your own dishes. Hot water and soap are provided.
  • A continental breakfast is served Saturday morning.
  • Lunch is prepared before hitting the trails. You break for lunch on the trail around 12:30.
  • Please arrive at camp by 7:40am to register, eat breakfast and prepare your lunch.
  • Appetizers and beverages will be available at 4pm after the work day on Saturday. Dinner will follow at 6:15pm.
  • Hot breakfast is served Sunday.
  • Hazards
    HYDRATION/SUN EXPOSURE: The work site is exposed and it may be HOT. Wear a sun hat! Please drink plenty of water throughout the work day. If you feel tired or weak, let your crew leader know and take a break.
    POISON OAK: There is a risk of exposure to poison oak at at the work site. Have your crew leader point some out to you if you don't know what it looks like. Clean with Tecnu after the workday and be cautious when handling your dirty clothes.
    SNAKES: Snakes are present on the property. Use caution when walking the trails and when picking items up off the ground.
    TICKS: Ticks are always a hazard so it is important to check during and after the project.
    SHARP TOOLS: Please listen to your crew leaders tool safety talk and observe proper tool use throughout the day.

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