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Please pardon the kluge factor...

We are on the verge of launching a new project registration/management tool and had hoped to have it up and running before the Kickoff Party, but ... that didn't quite happen. There are still numerous tweaks needed before we can open it up to everyone for use, but we are working hard on the formal launch.

Round Three: There are still some issues with the new registration system, but we have expanded this registration to enable you to register for any of the next 2 projects. Please select the radio button for the project you wish to register for, complete the form, then click on the "Register" button. You should immediately see a confirmation page with your name displayed along with the project number -- as assurance that you are, indeed, registered for the desired project. To register for more than one, click the link to go back to the registration page and repeat the process.

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Black Diamond Mines(6)

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