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PROJECT FAQ -- Your questions answered

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Q. Can I bring my kids along?
A. Children 14 and over are welcome on V-O-Cal projects. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Youth participation will be extended in the future as we grow our youth program.

Younger children rarely have the attention span or stamina for a full day of physical labor, and don't always pay attention to dangers such as nearby sharp tools or steep hillsides. As a result, younger children generally require a different type and level of supervision. While we recognize that these statements are not universally true and your child might be a exception, we have to err on the side of caution.

Q. Can I bring my pets?
A. Sorry, for the safety of all participants, no pets are allowed on projects.

Q. Do I have to camp out?
A. For most projects, no, you don't have to camp. As long as you can get to the project site by the start of the work day (8am), you are welcome to stay anywhere you like!

Q. How do I sign up for a project?
A. The easiest way to sign up for a project is online. From the "Sign up" action link, you complete a registration and will receive an e-mail confirming that your registration information has been received.

Q. How strenuous is the work?
A. Each project allows for many different levels of skill and exertion, so most projects have a role for almost everyone. Each project is rated, however, as easy, moderate, or difficult.

\Q. Do I need any experience?
A. NO! You'll be working on a crew with a V-O-Cal Crew Leader who will work with your crew and show you all you need to know.

Q. What if I can only work one day in the weekend?
A. Most of V-O-Cal projects last the full weekend and we encourage volunteers to sign up for the entire event if possible, but we want you even if you can only participate for one day.

Q. How do I know which projects will match my physical conditioning?
A. In an effort to help volunteers choose projects that are appropriate for them (and will therefore be fun instead of torture) we have borrowed the difficulty rating system. Each project description is rated.

Q. Are there ways other than directly working on trail for me to help on a project?
A. Yes! Join the kitchen crew! Instead of working on the trail, you can be part of the most appreciated crew on any project and have several hours free in the middle of the day to enjoy the beauty of the project area. The kitchen crew is as vital to the project as are any of the crews.

Q. What do I have to bring with me?
A. Always bring your own plate and eating utensils and a container for water, e.g., camelback, water bottle, etc. Closed-toe shoes are required and gloves are strongly recommended. If you plan to camp, bring tent and sleeping bag. V-O-Cal provides all the food and the PSC crew does all the cooking, so the camping is easy... Some projects have specific needs and/or recommendations, so your project "ed piece" will have a list for you.

Q. What information will I get about a project after I have registered?
A. You will receive detailed project information via e-mail approximately ten days prior to each project. This "education/fact piece" will give background on the project, as well as all the logistical information you'll need, such as: how to get to the project, transportation options, what time to be there, what to bring, what meals we will provide, where to park, where to camp, where to stay if you don't want to camp, etc. If you do not receive your "ed piece" PLEASE contact us.

\Q. What should I do if I signed up for a project and can't make it?
A. Email us at or cancel your on-line registration at as soon as possible! Because our projects are planned for a specific number of volunteers and our food crew plans accordingly, notifying us you cannot make it is very important!

Q. Does V-O-Cal arrange transportation for projects?
A. V-O-Cal encourages carpooling for all projects, and directly arranges transportation for some projects with especially limited parking. Your project "ed piece" will give provide specific information about transportation for your project.

Q. Are projects ever cancelled because of inclement weather?
A. Projects are generally not canceled because of rain (or snow) showers-- weather must be severe before we'll cancel a project. Check our home page for any News Flash for information on cancellations.

Q. How many people work on a project?
A. V-O-Cal projects range in size from 100-500 volunteers.

Q. What kind of work does V-O-Cal do?
A. New trail construction, trail rehabilitation and maintenance, trail closure and revegetation, habitat restoration, and invasive species removal.

Q. How are projects on V-O-Cal's schedule selected?
A. The Project Selection Committee works hard to select great projects. Get more information about the process here.

Q. How is V-O-Cal different from any of the other organizations that do trail work?
A. V-O-Cal works all over the region with a variety of land managers. Our large-scale projects are much bigger and, therefore, require a lot of planning ahead of time. We work with other organizations as well as the agencies to draw in local volunteers