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A typical V-O-Cal project is a 2-day trail construction or trail maintenance effort with between 100 and 300 volunteers working together on public land, often a local state or city park. We choose our projects carefully, with beauty and fun at the top of the list of criteria. If the volunteers do not have a good time, it is not a good project!

Bringing together that many volunteers at one time is both a big logistical challenge and a great opportunity to make an enormous difference in a very short period of time! V-O-Cal provides the planning and support necessary to make everything happen smoothly and productively.

In its inaugural year, V-O-Cal conducted two projects and several crew leader trainings. In 2007 we expanded to 6 projects throughout the Bay Area, 2008 saw us take on 7 projects with many more crew leaders, and in 2009 we executed 9 projects. In 2010, V-O-Cal completed four trail maintenance and construction projects, launched a program with State Parks to build volunteer capacity, provided in-house corporate service trainings, and completed five custom corporate team-building projects. In 2011, we are planning six trail projects, and we will continue doing State Park and corporate work. Stay tuned.

Join us - as a volunteer, as a crew leader, as a donor - and let V-O-Cal help you find your "Outdoor Voice".