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Witness your hard work put into action by hundreds of volunteers! Each V-O-Cal project is organized and implemented by a "project team" -- a group of volunteers who handle all the pre-project planning and design, plus supervision and management during the project. By dividing the responsibilities into manageable parts, the project team is able to implement complex and safe volunteer projects that are fun for everyone.

Project Team member roles are listed below. Ask your crew leaders how you can get involved.

Crew Leaders. Crew leaders are the "front line" of V-O-Cal projects. They are the people-oriented volunteers who lead crews of six to ten people to complete a section of a project. Crew leaders have received special training in leadership, safety, tools, and technical skills. If you enjoy being a volunteer on projects and are interested in leadership, then we encourage you to enter the Crew Leader program. It's a larger commitment but a very rewarding experience!

Crew Leader Manager. Bring your management skills to life. Crew lead managers organize and manage crew leaders and volunteers during the project. Crew lead managers also recruit new crew leaders and can build teams for specific projects as needed.

Center Camp Manager. These are the very special people who ensure that all our project volunteers are well fed, entertained, and comfortable. Volunteers are needed to solicit food and beverage donations, arrange for entertainers and educational speakers, pick up food and supplies, and do general event planning and logistics. Your help with any one of these tasks or all of them will be most appreciated!

Project Lead. These are the dedicated volunteers who try to keep all the cats in the box! This job can take a lot of time and commitment. They coordinate site visits, communicate between the agency and V-O-Cal staff and the rest of the project team.

Technical Assistant. These are the skilled technical workers who work closely with our agencies to help design the trails, boardwalks, wildlife-viewing blinds, community parks and gardens and everything else we build during our projects. V-O-Cal is in search of landscape architects, carpenters, engineers, horticulturists, and other outdoor enthusiasts to work on our projects providing technical guidance. This job can take a lot of time and commitment. Put your skills to work in a different and rewarding venue!

Tool Manager. Take charge of the Pulaskis and McLeods. Tool managers help determine project equipment and tool needs, then transport tools to and from the warehouse and project sites. These folks also make sure the tools are clean and maintained.

Photographers. We need skilled photographers to take photos and capture the essence of V-O-Cal projects, special events, and project scouting trips around the state. Help document the excitement and accomplishments of V-O-Cal projects. Your work will be used for future guides, newsletters, brochures, fliers, slide shows, web site and more.