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Imagine a weekend camping in a beautiful place without having to make the reservations yourself,
without having to worry about food - cooking or packing. Now add the satisfaction of a little hard work and lasting environmental contribution.

A weekend as a V-O-Cal volunteer starts with throwing out your tent and sleeping bag in the staging area on Friday night. A night in a beautiful wilderness!

Saturday we wake you up at 7a.m. and serve you hot coffee, hot water and continental breakfast while you stir around, chat with your fellow volunteers, fill your water bottles, and make yourself a sack lunch to take out on the project with you. After being assigned to a crew leader, you pick up your tools and head out to your trail section where you work until roughly noon, take a lunch break, then work again until 4. When you return to camp, you'll find beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks. Take a break to wash up before being serving a hot dinner at around 5:30 or 6. Dinner is followed by entertainment (often a local band) and/or a presentation by a local history specialist or a local naturalist.

You'll sleep oh so well and be awakened at 7:30 to hot coffee, hot water and a hot breakfast. Then it's back out to your trail section where you work until roughly 2:30, then pack up and head home.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Join us!