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Afterglow Hike Scheduled

January 14, 2018

Come join the fun!! Thanks to you, the 2017 Volunteers for Outdoor California project season was fabulous!!   From April through September, V-O-Cal completed five more signature weekend projects, and it is time to celebrate! 

This is the Third Annual Unsponsored Afterglow Hike and Picnic, which celebrates the project season that we had in 2017! (and some GREAT projects there were), and looks forward to 2018. Although a bit tardy this year, a number of us Friends of Volunteers for Outdoor California are gathering for some fun on Sunday, January 14, 2018.  And, once again, we are going to enjoy the beauty and peace of places where V-O-Cal has done fabulous work in the past, this time in the Oakland Hills!  

When: 10:30 a.m. for the earliest hikers to gather  
1:00 p.m. for the picnic.
Where: The staging area is at the parking just outside the gate at Sequoia Arena in Joaquin Miller Park.  Search Google Maps for "Sequoia Arena Gate," which should take you right there. Old-fashioned directions are below.

Bring:   This is a "do it yourself" affair.  Everything and anything (well - almost, anything) you need or want to drink (especially water), eat or play, including friends even if they have not yet worked with V-O-Cal 

News & Events

2017 Season Kickoff  

February 18, 2017
Lake Temescal Beach House

6500 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94618

4-8 pm

O'Tool Day  

March 18, 2017
1140 Old County Rd, Belmont




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In-Kind Season Sponsors include: