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Gary Giacomini Preserve
Marin County

August 18-20, 2017

Help build a new section of hike/bike trail in the San Geronimo Valley. hunt camp trailMarin County Parks and Open Space District is looking forward to hosting V-O-Cal volunteers August 18-20.

What better way to spend a beautiful August weekend? Join us in Marin County for a great work day and a fabulous camping opportunity at a private campground! As always, camping is optional and meals will be provided to volunteers throughout the weekend.

Advance registration for this event is required! Register now - and be sure to tell your friends about this opportunity.

DOWNLOAD the Project Fact Sheet for directions, schedule, etc...

News & Events

Coyote Hills was fabulous! 1000 feet of new trail on a steep hill made a world of difference to the walkabilty of this park. And the trail is visible from the Dumbarton Bridge!

vols building trail

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