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Earth Day At Sycamore Grove Park

April 19-21, 2019 -- Livermore

Join V-O-Cal in Livermore to build a brand new trail in Sycamore Grove Park, one of Livermore’s most important and well-used resources. The Park borders on miles of unbroken wilderness to the south so there are great views from the top of this new trail.

The new trail will start close to the Ranger Office along the Arroyo Del Valle Connector trail and proceed through the newly acquired Park Extension Land Bank property.  The trail will climb for approximately a half mile through sage, oak trees and grassy meadows in a gradual arc to the top of a nearby hill.  The hilltop provides an overlook of the Wente Restaurant property and the southern portion of Arroyo Road.  We will install two benches at the top.

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After many, many years, V-O-Cal is moving to a different volunteer registration system, SignUpGenius. While not perfect, it is much more user-friendly and modern than the previous system. So anywhere you see this button, click through and Sign Up for a V-O-Cal project! Sign Up!





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