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2018 Season Schedule!  

Date Location Agency Partner
Apr 27-29 Skyline ParkRegister Now Skyline Park Citizens Association
May 18-20 Hood MountainRegister Now Sonoma Co. Reg. Parks
Jun 22-24 Shiloh Sonoma Co. Reg. Parks
Jul 27-29* Mount Burdell Marin County Parks
TBD SF Park TBD SF Rec & Park
Aug 29-Sep 3 East Bay Hills Trail Benefit Hike Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
Oct 19-21 Lake Del Valle EBRPD

News & Events

Season Emphasis on Fire-damaged Parks in 2018

The fires in the North Bay caused horrific damage and dramatically effected the lives of many. In addition to the structures that were destroyed, many parks and trails in wine-country sustained severe damage, so the planning team decided to emphasize work in parks damaged by the fires, starting the 2018 season with 3 fire damaged parks in the North Bay. 

The 2018 Project Season dates are *mostly* set, but there are still a few moving parts so keep an eye out for announcements of changes. That said, O'Tool Day, Skyline Park in Napa and Mt. Hood in Sonoma are a safe bet to lock into your calendar.

More details will follow just as quickly as possible!

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In-Kind Season Sponsors include: