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Taylor Mountain Regional Park

July 21-23, 2017

Time to head to the North Bay! Join V-O-Cal in Sonoma County (near Santa Rosa) at Taylor Mountain to build a brand new multi-use trail.

Register Now! Talk to your friends and encourage them to join you for the whole weekend or just one day. Camping, great food, fun people - what more can you ask of a summer adventure?

News & Events

Wow! Sycamore Grove Park started the V-O-Cal season off with a bang! Beautiful weather, lots of volunteers and gorgeous views made it possible

vols building trail
for us to complete over a mile of new trail in the Sycamore Grove Extension. Animal sightings, great music, and an owl and bat viewing adventure were highlights of the weekend (in addition to the beautiful new trail, of course!)

This new multi-use single track trail are showcases views of the lush Livermore Valley, including Lake Del Valle, Brushy Peak, Morgan Territory, Mt Diablo, Las Trampas and Pleasanton Ridge.

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